TEMSAN CORPORATION (A.Ş.) was founded in 1972, with the trade title "TEMSAN Tanker, Electric and Machine Industry", and by continuously improving her technology and fields of activity, reached a point where she has a signature in many steel construction projects in Turkey.

TEMSAN CORPORATION, in past years was a pioneer in adaptation of steel structures in construction sector and now concentrated on activities for steel structured buildings and composite buildings which are in the main area of activity. To demonstrate this objective, the word BUILDING is especially included in the new trade title.

With the investment program realized during 1999 - 2000, the necessary technical infrastructure has been established for the target of being the pioneer of multi-storey steel buildings which would be realised in Turkey."The Best Steel Construction of Europe" award given by ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork) for the first time to Turkey in 1997, for Tatilya project, had been an indication for the success of TEMSAN at the international platform.

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Bosphorus Zoo was established in 1991 in order to care for and continue the generations of endangered species. We first started our mission with endangered birds and continued with other animals and ultimately plants were also included. Our park opened to the public in 1993 and with the public's great interest and support it spred to oveer 200.000 m2 of land. As the park's proportions expanded, the diversity of animals and plants also grew with over 3000 animals and an assortment of over 500 plants. Efforts were immens: No expenses were spared and profit was never a goal for our park.

The results were aboveour expectations: we were approved to be a zoo with world standards and qualified to become a member of EAZA.Significant investments were made for the animals and plants, but our visitors needs were not forgotten. Our park includes a cafeteria, a children's playground, a pet shop, a museum, and a library.

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Big and Strong Jobs.

Maktel Construction and Trade Co. with its 47 years of experience, financial strength and remarkable past performance has undertaken numerous diverse contracs and become one of the Turkey's leader constractor firm in the field of general and military contracting with various types of construction projects.

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